Catalyst New Features: Week of April 8

Catalyst New Features: Week of April 8

We're shipping new features every week until Catalyst Mainnet. New features will typically be on the Catalyst App, but can also include the Catalyst API and SDK, our open-source implementations of the Catalyst Underwriter and the GARP relayer, or documentation.

Main feature: new supported wallets

Catalyst UI has migrated its wallet library from rainbowkit to web3-onboard. The team felt that the latter library performed better for the conditions that were observed on the Catalyst app.

As a result, the UI is also now able to support new wallets such as

✅ Coinbase Wallet

✅ Phantom

✅ Frame

✅ WalletConnect

Over time, the team plans to support more wallets based on community request and feedback. DM the team on Discord if there’s more wallets that you’d like to see supported.


Additional features:

This week, there was a new Catalyst SDK update that allows users to find the deposit entry that restricts the computation, which in turn impacts the Catalyst UI to improve on its deposit optimisation flow.

On the Catalyst UI side, this update now shows the user what the limiting asset is when adding a deposit onto Catalyst.

For example, if a user has 0.1 ETH on Arbitrum and 5 ETH on OP, the UI now “optimises” the deposit by setting both fields to 0.1 ETH.

The user might wonder why they can’t deposit up to 5 ETH on OP. Now the UI can restrict the input for Arbitrum to show the user that they only have 0.1 ETH on Arbitrum and that’s limiting how much they can deposit on OP. The user has to turn off “Optimal Deposit” in order to add a customised deposit, like 5 ETH OP + 0.1 ETH on Arbitrum.

About Cata Labs

Cata Labs is a software development company that contributes to open-source technology, including Catalyst Protocol. Cata Labs is backed by prominent investors such as Spartan Group, HashKey, Polygon and Circle.

Catalyst Protocol is an AMM purpose-built to connect all chains. Its mission is to empower individuals to acquire any asset on any chain. Using Catalyst, any chain can swap assets with major blockchains like Cosmos, Ethereum and its rollups. Catalyst Protocol is operated by Catalyst Foundation, based in the Cayman Islands. Find out more about the Catalyst Foundation at its Twitter.