Catalyst Eggs: Infinite Referral Bonus

Catalyst Eggs: Infinite Referral Bonus

All cats love eggs, and we want to make sure that every cat gets the chance to share their love for eggs with others.

As a result, we designed a referral program for Catalyst.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: every cat is unique

Each cat has a unique referral link.


Step 2: a cat and their litter

When a new cat gets referred to Catalyst through that link, they become a "first litter" referral.

When the first litter earns eggs, an additional egg bonus will go back to the referral. This bonus is determined by their referral tier.

There are 5 referral tiers: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Tiers are based on sustained activity over time (e.g., total referrals, referrals’ volume).

Higher referral tiers grant cats a greater egg bonus from referrals’ activity (from 10% bonus to 30% bonus). Thus, cats who are top referrers can earn a bigger share of the eggs earned from their litters.

For example, Bob is a Silver tier cat and thus earns a 20% bonus for referrals. Alice signs up on Catalyst using Bob’s code. At the end of the week, Alice earns 100 Eggs based on her Catalyst activity. From Alice, Bob earns an additional 20 eggs!

Step 3: infinite litters

Let’s say Alice also wants to onboard her cat friends through her referral link.

If they earn eggs, Alice gets an extra bonus which ALSO goes to Bob! Alice’s cat friends are Bob’s “second litter” referees.

The best part? Referrals are tracked across multiple litters with no cap on how many litters. That means that you can earn eggs from an infinite number of litters’ activities on Catalyst! [mind blown]. As litters expand, referrers earn more and more egg bonuses from an indefinite number of litters.

Step 4: kickbacks

With their unique referral link, referrers can choose the percentage of eggs they want to share with their first litter as a “kickback”. They can select anywhere from 0% to the maximum bonus of their referral tier.

That means that an extra friendly cat can give their entire egg bonus to their first litter referrals.

Let’s revisit Alice and Bob.

Again, Bob is a Silver tier cat and thus earns a 20% bonus for referrals and offers a 10% kickback. Alice signs up on Catalyst using Bob’s code. At the end of the week, Alice earns 100 Eggs based on her Catalyst activity. From Bob’s kickback, Alice now receives an additional 10 eggs (100 eggs * 10% kickback), and Bob now only earns 10 eggs as his weekly referral bonus (20 eggs - 10 eggs to Alice).

Coming together

The Catalyst referral system is designed to reward the most generous cats. Cats not only earn eggs from their activity on Catalyst, they also earn eggs from their referrals and they can choose to give away their eggs to their referrals – creating a flywheel that begets more and more eggs.

By sharing Catalyst through their networks and progressing through litters, cats can be rewarded a larger and larger share of all the eggs in Season 1. 

Happy hunting! 🥚

About Cata Labs

Cata Labs is a software development company that contributes to open-source technology, including Catalyst Protocol. Cata Labs is backed by prominent investors such as Spartan Group, HashKey, Polygon and Circle.

Catalyst Protocol is an AMM purpose-built to connect all chains. Its mission is to empower individuals to acquire any asset on any chain. Using Catalyst, any chain can swap assets with major blockchains like Cosmos, Ethereum and its rollups. Catalyst Protocol is operated by Catalyst Foundation, based in the Cayman Islands. Find out more about the Catalyst Foundation at its Twitter.