Catalyst to Bring to Unified Liquidity to the OP Superchain Ecosystem

Catalyst to Bring to Unified Liquidity to the OP Superchain Ecosystem

In the near future, the number of chains will grow at an unprecedented pace–largely driven by modular rollup frameworks such as OP Stack by Optimism. These innovative frameworks grant developers the power to reimagine the on-chain user experience by crafting dedicated domains tailored for specific use cases. However, amid this infrastructure revolution that simplifies rollup deployments, developers and users still confront the significant challenge of handling liquidity and facilitating value transfers across the rapidly growing spectrum of chains.

Introducing Catalyst, the cross-chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) meticulously designed to navigate this multi-chain terrain. Catalyst is engineered to tackle the pressing issue of cross-chain interoperability by creating a permissionless, unified liquidity layer that seamlessly integrates with any chain or rollup. The overarching mission of Catalyst is to contribute to the creation of a borderless Web3, empowering users to effortlessly swap assets across their chosen chains.

Today, we are thrilled to unveil Catalyst's upcoming integration with OP Stack and its entrance into the Superchain ecosystem. This deployment empowers Catalyst to facilitate frictionless cross-chain asset swaps between OP Stack-enabled Layer 2 solutions while establishing crucial connections within the broader crypto ecosystem. This further underscores our unwavering commitment to a future marked by borderless, interconnected networks. Catalyst's liquidity framework is ideally suited for the modular environments characteristic of the Optimism Superchain.

The Power of Superchain

Developed by OP Labs, the Superchain is a horizontally scalable network of chains that share security, a communication layer, and an open-source development stack. It operates as a permissionless system for deploying new chains to a shared network, fostering massive scalability, innovative applications, and a novel revenue model that rewards application developers for the fees generated by their chains. Powered by the cutting-edge OP Stack codebase, the Superchain sets the standard for decentralized infrastructure, offering fast, simple, and reliable foundations for diverse blockchain applications.

The OP Stack toolkit equips developers with the capacity to construct their own optimistic rollups tailored to their unique requirements. It serves as a modular, open-source blueprint for creating highly scalable and interoperable blockchains. With OP Stack, developers can establish their dedicated "op-chains," leveraging a standardized and modular codebase. This seamless interoperability between chains is made possible through a shared message-passing format and shared Sequencer Sets, enabling atomic cross-chain composability.

With OP Stack in the hands of developers, we anticipate a surge of new rollup deployments on the horizon. Consequently, these emerging rollups will necessitate a scalable solution for effortless value transfer and connection.

Using Catalyst on Superchain

Building Catalyst on top of OP Stack promises an effortless experience for Optimism rollup developers and their user base. This integration enables participating Optimism Superchains to smoothly transfer value and link liquidity with any other Catalyst-enabled chain from the very beginning, streamlining cross-chain transactions and enhancing the flow of liquidity. By integrating Catalyst as the liquidity layer for any blockchain developed using OP Stack, we aim to enhance interoperability and the seamless exchange of assets within the Superchain ecosystem.

It's worth noting that Catalyst is already a member of the Superchain ecosystem, with its deployment on Base. Our next immediate steps involve deploying Catalyst on the OP Mainnet testnet and other OP Stack rollups like Mode Network. These strategic initiatives firmly establish Catalyst as a driving force in shaping the future of cross-chain liquidity and interoperability within the modular blockchain ecosystem.

Want to use Catalyst on Optimism Superchain via Base? You can get started today by either:

  1. Going to and playing around with the interface; or
  2. Going to Catalyst Missions and completing tailor-made tasks to showcase the full power of Catalyst.

About Catalyst

Catalyst is an AMM purpose-built to connect all chains. Its mission is to empower individuals to acquire any asset on any chain. Using Catalyst, any chain can swap assets with major blockchains like Cosmos, Ethereum and its rollups. Catalyst is backed by prominent investors such as Spartan Group, HashKey, Polygon and Circle.