Catalyst Pioneers Cosmos to Ethereum Rollup Swap with Injective, Caldera and Scroll

Catalyst Pioneers Cosmos to Ethereum Rollup Swap with Injective, Caldera and Scroll

Today, the Cata Labs team is excited to announce the first ever live corridor between a Cosmos rollup and an Ethereum rollup. Catalyst has been deployed on inEVM testnet, an EVM-compatible rollup on Injective in collaboration with Caldera, and a cross-chain pool has been connected between inEVM and Scroll Sepolia testnet in order to facilitate cross-chain swaps and liquidity transfers between the two rollups.

The Ethereum ecosystem is no stranger to rollups – with Ethereum adopting a rollup-centric roadmap and serving as the home for many major rollups to date such as Scroll, Arbitrum, and OP Mainnet.

inEVM is the latest rollup entrant in the Cosmos ecosystem, using Injective for consensus and data availability. inEVM serves as the first-ever EVM-compatible execution layer capable of achieving composability across the Cosmos and Solana networks via the Injective ecosystem. This new rollup allows Ethereum developers to deploy their applications without any code modifications and tap into the deep liquidity and global user base of Injective–and by extension, Solana (through Injective’s inSVM rollup) and Cosmos.

With its lightning-fast transaction processing, inEVM users can experience blazingly quick speeds. Waiting becomes a thing of the past thanks to inEVM's instant transaction finality. Development teams can tap into a rich suite of developer tools and integrations from the Ethereum ecosystem, granting them flexibility. Shared liquidity within the Injective ecosystem ensures that users can leverage the advantages of a vibrant and interconnected blockchain environment.

inEVM’s power was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Caldera, a leading Layer 2 (L2) Rollup-as-a-service (RaaS) provider. Caldera's user-friendly platform allows developers to deploy and manage dedicated app-specific rollups effortlessly, supporting popular rollup stacks including Arbitrum Orbit and OP Stack. With custom-built chains designed for low latency and easy customization, Caldera makes blockchain deployment accessible to everyone, regardless of their coding experience.

Catalyst connects inEVM and Scroll

Catalyst supercharges the power of inEVM by giving it the ability to connect its liquidity with other ecosystems. As a pilot, Catalyst is connecting inEVM to Scroll to perform cross-rollup swaps between two historically separate ecosystems, creating a Cosmos-to-Ethereum corridor where assets flow seamlessly between the two.

Catalyst enables cross-chain atomic swaps of native assets on each respective rollup. For this pilot, Catalyst supports the seamless and instant swapping of native Sepolia ETH on Scroll testnet with native INJ on inEVM’s testnet.

Going forward, Catalyst can enable “local” swaps between any token within a chain/rollup. For example, WETH on inEVM can be paired and swapped with native INJ on inEVM.

How to Dive into the Catalyst on inEVM and Scroll

To embark on your journey with Catalyst, start by visiting Catalyst Missions. Once there, you can conveniently access the Catalyst user interface, where the real mission awaits.


Participating in the Catalyst Mission will direct you on where to obtain faucet tokens on Scroll Sepolia, which will serve as your key to exploring Catalyst.

🔗Faucet Guide 

To ensure the security of your assets, connect your wallet securely within the user interface. From there, you have the option to choose between inEVM and Scroll, tailoring your experience to your specific preferences.

With these selections made, you're now fully prepared to initiate asset swaps seamlessly. Catalyst empowers you to dive into a new realm of possibilities, making cross-chain transactions and liquidity transfers easier and more efficient than ever before.

Finally, mint your Catalyst Mission OAT to celebrate the completion of your final usage of the Catalyst Demo!

Have any questions? Reach out to us on Telegram and our support team will be happy to assist!

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Catalyst Protocol is an AMM purpose-built to connect all chains. Its mission is to empower individuals to acquire any asset on any chain. Using Catalyst, any chain can swap assets with major blockchains like Cosmos, Ethereum and its rollups. Catalyst Protocol is operated by Catalyst Foundation, based in the Cayman Islands. Find out more about Catalyst Foundation at its website. Contact Catalyst Foundation here.

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Injective is a lightning fast interoperable layer one blockchain optimized for building the premier Web3 finance applications. Injective provides developers with powerful plug-and-play modules for creating unmatched dApps. INJ is the native asset that powers Injective and its rapidly growing ecosystem. Injective is incubated by Binance and is backed by prominent investors such as Jump Crypto, Pantera and Mark Cuban.

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