Catalyst Builds with Neutron to Bring Effortless Cross-Chain Swaps to the Cosmos Ecosystem

Catalyst Builds with Neutron to Bring Effortless Cross-Chain Swaps to the Cosmos Ecosystem

Today we announce that Catalyst, the permissionless cross-chain liquidity layer, is building with Neutron, the most secure CosmWasm platform in the Cosmos ecosystem. This collaboration will empower developers to create seamless, cross-chain swaps from assets on Neutron to the broader Cosmos and crypto ecosystem, reinforcing our vision for a borderless, interconnected future.

Neutron, secured by over 190 million staked ATOM, is a permissionless smart contract platform that enables developers to launch their projects without the need for governance approval. This streamlined approach offers fast deployment, efficient governance, and fosters a neutral environment where competition cannot be suppressed. homepage

By building Catalyst on top of Neutron, we leverage their cutting-edge Interchain technology and robust security to provide a seamless, frictionless experience for developers and users alike. Catalyst's lightweight and extensible architecture is a perfect match for Neutron's permissionless, high-performance platform.

Catalyst's integration with Neutron will grant protocols deployed on Neutron the ability to move value and connect liquidity to and from any other Catalyst-enabled chain. As a result, developers can focus on building groundbreaking decentralised protocols while enjoying effortless, universal compatibility with the broader crypto ecosystem.

This partnership not only benefits Neutron developers but also the entire Cosmos ecosystem. As more projects build on Neutron and utilise Catalyst's cross-chain liquidity layer, the network effect will drive exponential growth in value, liquidity, and innovation across the entire Cosmos network.

We firmly believe that our collaboration with Neutron will pave the way for a more open, inclusive, and interconnected Interchain. Together, we aim to empower developers and users to create, transact, and thrive without borders, establishing a new era of borderless economic trade and opportunities.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to break down barriers and drive innovation in the world of Web3 and decentralised finance. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress and milestones as we work together with Neutron to redefine cross-chain liquidity and create a truly interconnected blockchain ecosystem.