Deploying on opBNB and BNB Chain Testnets

Deploying on opBNB and BNB Chain Testnets

Catalyst is at it again, breaking new ground in the world of cross-chain liquidity. Get ready to dive into a thrilling announcement – we're excited to unveil our expansion with support for BNB Chain and the opBNB rollup. This move brings you even closer to a future where Catalyst ensures smooth and efficient transactions across all chains.

The Catalyst: Lynx Testnet has been turning heads and capturing attention, demonstrating the true extent of Catalyst's cross-chain prowess. And now, we're building on this momentum by connect opBNB and BNB Chain together.

Expanding Horizons

Continuing our mission to foster interoperability, Catalyst is thrilled to introduce the integration of Catalyst pools with the opBNB Network. The opBNB Testnet will see the initial support of swaps to BNB Chain. But that's just the beginning! In the weeks ahead, local swaps within opBNB will become live, marking a giant leap forward in cross-chain liquidity by connecting the BNB Chain ecosystem to the rest of the Catalyst network.

Catalyst's collaboration with opBNB is a match made in blockchain heaven. While Catalyst empowers cross-chain liquidity, opBNB optimizes the BNB Chain ecosystem. This partnership not only amplifies access to high-throughput applications within BNB Chain but also sets the stage for unlocking BNB Chain's full potential.

opBNB's Prowess

At its core, opBNB is an optimized Layer-2 solution designed to make BNB Chain even more powerful. This high-performance solution, powered by the OP Stack, brings to the table a block size of 100M, ensuring stable and low-cost gas fees. From decentralized exchanges to gaming and daily transactions, opBNB caters to a diverse range of needs while delivering exceptional performance.

One of the standout features of opBNB is its compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This compatibility allows for a seamless transition for developers already familiar with the EVM, enhancing the ease of building and deploying applications on the opBNB network.

The synergy between opBNB and Catalyst is nothing short of groundbreaking. Catalyst's cross-chain AMM capabilities align perfectly with opBNB's vision for optimized layer-2 solutions. This convergence paves the way for efficient, cost-effective, and high-throughput transactions, making it a win-win for users, developers, and the entire BNB Chain ecosystem.

Embarking on the opBNB Journey with Catalyst

Ready to embark on a thrilling journey within the opBNB Testnet? Whether you're curious about swapping, yield generation, or portfolio management, Catalyst on opBNB offers you the gateway to a world filled with exciting possibilities.

For a hands-on experience and to maximize opBNB's potential, we've curated an opBNB-specific mission on Catalyst Missions: 

By completing this mission, you not only earn points but also gain on-chain credentials that provide deeper access to the Catalyst community.

The integration of Catalyst: Lynx Testnet with the opBNB network is a leap towards revolutionizing cross-chain liquidity solutions. As we celebrate this milestone, we invite you to explore the boundless potential of cross-chain interactions, undertake the opBNB-specific mission, and join us in co-creating the future of decentralized finance with Catalyst.

Stay engaged with Catalyst's journey by staying updated with our social channels, actively participating in discussions, and immersing yourself in platforms like Galxe. Your involvement matters, as you'll be at the forefront of Catalyst's expansion and innovation.

Are you ready to unleash the extraordinary capabilities of Catalyst on the opBNB Testnet? Dive into a realm of cross-chain synergy, elevate your DeFi experience, and be a part of shaping a more interconnected financial landscape. Embark on the opBNB adventure with Catalyst Missions: 

Explore Catalyst with an opBNB Mission

The quest will kick off this Wednesday, November 15, at 4:00 PM UTC and will last for 30 days.

Access Testnet Funds with Ease

To ensure your interaction with the Lynx Testnet is seamless, each chain, including opBNB and BNB Chain, features a designated faucet that provides you with the necessary testnet funds. This eliminates any barriers and allows you to effortlessly explore the Catalyst: Lynx Testnet.

Access testnet funds at the opBNB and BNB Chain faucets on the BNB Discord. Check out the Faucet Guide below for more in-depth information.

🔗 Faucet Guide

Begin the Mission!

Enter the Catalyst UI where you’ll swap assets on the opBNB and BNB Chain.

After completing the task, claim your Catalyst Mission completion OAT on Catalyst’s Galxe Space.

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