Catalyst Brings Unified Liquidity to Rollups in the Celestia Ecosystem

Catalyst Brings Unified Liquidity to Rollups in the Celestia Ecosystem

Catalyst, the permissionless cross-chain liquidity layer, will be building on top of Celestia. This integration will enable seamless cross-chain swaps between assets on Celestia rollups and the broader crypto ecosystem, reinforcing our commitment to a borderless, interconnected future. Catalyst is liquidity for the modular future, tailor-made for modular networks like Celestia.

Celestia is a groundbreaking modular consensus and data availability network that allows anyone to deploy their own rollup with minimal overhead. By providing consensus and security on-demand, Celestia eliminates the need for bootstrapping a new consensus network, making blockchain deployment as simple as launching a smart contract.

Celestia's novel architecture solves the core scaling problems of today's blockchains by introducing a modular blockchain architecture. Rollups are a type of blockchain that offload some work to a layer 1 like Celestia. Rollups host apps and process user transactions. By hosting apps across many different rollups, apps do not have to compete for computational resources with each other.

With this innovation, Catalyst anticipates a proliferation of rollups and blockchains in the near future. As a result, these new modular chains will need a scalable solution to connecting to and transferring value between one another.

Building Catalyst on top of Celestia will offer a frictionless experience for Celestia developers and their users alike. With the integration of Catalyst, Celestia-enabled rollups will be able to move value and connect liquidity with any other Catalyst-enabled chain right at launch, streamlining cross-chain transactions and enhancing liquidity flow.

Moreover, the Celestia network ensures secure interoperability for all its chains. Sharing data availability allows rollups to maintain the highest security standards without relying on honest majority assumptions for state validity.

Our next steps involve deploying Catalyst on rollups using the Celestia testnet and building with Rollkit, an open-source modular blockchain developer toolkit. By doing so, we'll create a reliable foundation for the future of cross-chain liquidity and interoperability within the modular blockchain ecosystem.

This move to the Celestia ecosystem will contribute to the growth of the broader crypto industry, where anyone can deploy their own blockchain, and users can easily access any application on any chain they are on. By leveraging Celestia's modular consensus and data availability, the team at Cata Labs is excited to bring liquidity to rollups and create a seamless and secure environment for developers and users alike.

About Catalyst:

Catalyst is a leading provider of permissionless liquidity for the modular future. Our mission is to enable seamless, scalable, and secure solutions that empower users to access any application on any chain they're on. Our groundbreaking liquidity layer connects any new modular chain to hubs like Ethereum and Cosmos. Catalyst is committed to building a more accessible and inclusive blockchain ecosystem.